“John is definitely a keyboard and music wiz. He’s been playing a lot of different music styles, from fusion jazz to straight up commercial pop. He has a brilliant ear and have brought so much fresh blood to the band, both on a personal side but also musical side.

– Björn Strid, Soilwork, Night Flight Orchestra

John Lönnmyr is a rock keyboardist and composer originally from Falköping, Sweden, a small town with big musical ambitions. He started playing the violin at the age of 8, and by 11, he was exploring the piano on his own.

In his teens, John discovered progressive rock and jazz, which eventually led him to study classical piano and composition. 

In 1996, he formed Valinor’s Tree with his childhood friends and later he joined Stefan Renström’s Simon Says in 2009. Both of these rock bands are well-established in the Swedish progressive music scene.

John has also composed music for musical theater and dance performances. He has arranged numerous pieces of music for choirs and symphony orchestras as well.

John has played with jazz and free improvising groups like Monochromatics and Thymeshift. He is also the Hammond organ player for his blues trio Aunt Nancy and psych-rockers Divers.

Since 2019, John has been a member of The Night Flight Orchestra. 

He released his first solo album, ”Ristor,” in 2020, which he entirely created with a modular synth.

John’s second solo album, ”Aftonland,” is set to be released in fall 2023. It features instrumental progressive rock with a Nordic touch and a strong focus on keyboards.