Dise accordion
Electron Analog Rytm – analog drum machine
Fender Junior pro – tube amplifier
Korg MS10 – 70’s analog
Korg Wavestation – 90’s pad synth
Leslie 147 – tube amplified rotary speaker!!
Modular synth – many Verbos modules
Moog Voyager – THE synth
Nord Stage 3 – for the live rig
Roland Juno 6 – 80’s analog polysynth
Roland D-50 – 80’s digital synth
Roland RS09 – 70’s string machine
Sequential OB6 – modern analog
Viscount Legend – great Hammond clone!
Yamaha TG77 – FM synth
Yamaha DX7 – the 80’s synth.

A lot of high end effect pedals.
Access to acoustic piano and of course a bunch of software synths.